Woodly produces Montessori furniture, wooden toys and furnishing accessories in a zero impact, sustainable fashion. Our research for a correct production led us to using the newest methods and, sometimes, to rediscovering the oldest ones. We use raw materials that are renewable, biodegradable and not toxic.

To us “sustainability “ is achieved through different actions, each one having at its center the idea of balance, to be able to give as much as we take through economy, environment and man. Every day.

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The montessori floor bed

And after the cradle, when your baby grows, a playful cot, Montessori style, for total freedom. The child can easily climb on and off the cot, but the side edges will prevent possible night tumbles. Built in solid beech wood with mortised joints, finished with hand applied traditional shellac and beeswax.

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Montessori Floor Bed

Bike Furnishings

We know how much you care for your bicycle. Why leave it to chill and rain? Bring it inside and show it as a work of art: A little console ready to host it, with a soft felt support for the frame of your bike.

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Bike Furnishings


Two live-wire five years old twins are a first-rate test for toys, which usually don’t last long, loose their wheels and end up forgotten in the toys chest. “Rockets” is a collection of indestructible/futuristic toy cars, with low friction wheels mounted on ball bearings, for total playability.

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This project was born in Haiti, in 2011, during a workshop with maybe the best artisans in America but it was not a suitable idea for local production, for lack of the proper equipment. Who knows why, but it seems like there is an inverse correlation between skill and indigence. It is a series of stools, retracting one into the other like a matrioska: for grownups, children and toddlers.

Haiti stools

CNC - Computer numerical control

A fantastic CNC router (a computer controlled milling machine), which allows us to cut, mill, round off and minimize waste. Moreover, thanks to our net, we can send the drawings straight from the office to the workshop. We intend to provide ourselves with a 3D printer as soon as possible, to have small parts and models ready on spot.


Raw Materials

We only use raw materials from the recycling chain and wood from forests treated correctly and responsibly, following strict environmental criteria standard. Glues and ecological water-based paints, beeswax and vegetable wax.

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Woodly only uses certificated, zero impact, renewable energy. Woodly venue is set in a 1600 edifice we renovated following the principles of energy conservation, so to achieve a high passive efficiency and reduce consumptions to minimum. The workshop is heated burning the waste products in an extremely high efficiency “rocket stove”.

Circular Design

A reflection: are we sure that to be ecological and environment-friend an industrial product needs to be easily recyclable? No, we think that a truly ecological product, whether it is a table, a cot, a crib or a lamp, is not the one designed to be easily recycled, but the one made to (long) last, to grow old and maybe to improve in time.

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Were we work

Woodly sits on the hills around Parma, in a very tiny hamlet (Faviano Superiore), far from every noise or contamination. We firmly believe that ecology and beauty must be spawned in an equally beautiful and uncontaminated environment.


The new Woodly venue

  /     /   By Laura

By the end of the summer, in the morning, if you look carefully towards south and the Appennino, you can see from your room window groups of roe-deers grazing in the fields behind the house. We urban creatures are the least susceptible to realize that nature around us is more alive than ever. Our venue, and home, is an ancient stone house built on five levels, to which, following the hill slope, portions have been added in the centuries, including the short sixteenth-century turret that rises over the hamlet, from which you can enjoy a charming view all the way down to the Monte Cimone. Beyond the courtyard there are the workshop, the offices and the stockroom, spaces we obtained restructuring the interior of the old cattle shed and the barn, and leaving the outside walls entirely covered with luxuriant creeping roses and jasmines.

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